gir-repository entries in MOVED

Warren Block wblock at
Tue Nov 23 20:21:03 UTC 2010

On Tue, 23 Nov 2010, Doug Barton wrote:

> My portmaster update today notified me that I had some of these ports on my 
> system, relevant to the following entries in MOVED:
> devel/gir-repository-gconf2|devel/gconf2|2010-11-20|merged into gconf2
> x11-fm/gir-repository-nautilus|x11-fm/nautilus|2010-11-20|merged into 
> nautilus
> devel/gir-repository-libsoup|devel/libsoup|2010-11-20|merged into libsoup
> x11-toolkits/gir-repository-gtksourceview2|x11-toolkits/gtksourceview2|2010-11-20|merged 
> into gtksourceview2
> security/gir-repository-gnome-keyring||2010-11-20|Not buildable
> devel/gir-repository-dbus|devel/gobject-introspection|2010-11-20|merged into 
> gobject-introspection
> Using portmaster or portupgrade the -o option is the way to fix this. Does 
> this issue deserve an UPDATING entry?

Given that it takes some looking otherwise, I'd say yes.

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