Forcing upgrade to latest AVAILABLE version of open office?

Mark Terribile materribile at
Tue Nov 23 15:35:01 UTC 2010

> > Here's what I need: a working, installable version of .
> > The ports system on my FreeBSD 7.1 (which I need to keep stable for a few
> > months) has only been willing to download a version that has security
> > problems and will not build.  The makefile version is 1.324 for
> > and 1.320 for .
> >
> > I have issued a number of portupgrade commands, but portupgrade doesn't
> > even seem to know of the existance of anything later, ...

> 1. Update your ports tree.
> 2. run portupgrade / portmaster to upgrade the ports in
> question.
> ... In section 4.5.1 two methods for getting ports are
> described: csup and portsnap.

Yes, that is exactly what I need.  I'll try it later when I have the
chance, after I back up the whole ports area.

And while the information is there, I find the documentation on freeBSD,
and all recent open-source systems, to be disappointing.  Maybe I can't
get it into my head; maybe I can't get my head into it.  But I feel that
there is something missing.  It's not something that I could provide
simply by starting to write or rewrite the documentation; it's a shared
understanding of what is needed: of the SEE ALSO that you need in man
pages, of the need for "architectonic" summaries of things like the ports
architecture, of the balance between structure and detail.

If there's a place for me to contribute to -that- pool of skill, please
let me know.

Thanks.  I'll let you know how this ports exercise goes for me.

    Mark Terribile


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