Finding files in packages (MANIFEST)

Anders F Björklund afb at
Sun Nov 21 12:27:33 UTC 2010

Chris Rees wrote:

>> For PackageKit's "app-install", I wanted to list all
>> ports/packages that had a .desktop file (= an "app").

> I may be misunderstanding you here, but you could just:
> [chris at amnesiac]~% echo /usr/ports/*/*/pkg-plist | xargs egrep
> '\.desktop$' | sed 's|/usr/ports/[a-zA-Z]*/||' > contains_desktop

That could work too (?), I guess I was also trying to determine
which of the ports had a package available (for portinstall -P).

PackageKit wants the index pre-generated in SQLite form anyway:
i.e. it wants a SQL table with all the desktop files and their
translations and a tarball with all their corresponding icons...

So after screening the list of packages, it would still have to
download each of them to extract the .desktop and (48x48) .png
so I wanted the list of ports to match the packages available.
Mostly since I didn't want to have to build every port first.

Just thought the MANIFEST could be generated with the packages ?
That way you wouldn't need to install the ports collection first.

Even better would be if the app-install data would be created too,
but that might be a taller order and could just go in a port/package.


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