Finding files in packages (MANIFEST)

Anders F Björklund afb at
Sun Nov 21 10:31:25 UTC 2010

For PackageKit's "app-install", I wanted to list all
ports/packages that had a .desktop file (= an "app").

This ended up in a large number of "false positives",
since there is no list of the contents of each package.
So the brute-force method is to download *all* of them.

For Slackware, which also uses tarballs for packages,
it was easier because they also make a MANIFEST file
available in addition to the FILE_LIST (= ls -lR)...

Would it be possible to make such a file available
for FreeBSD Packages too ? (maybe even both of them)


PS. Here was the simple script I used to create mine:



for tbz in All/*.tbz
  echo $tbz
  echo "++========================================" >> ${MF}
  echo "||" >> ${MF}
  echo "||   Package: $tbz" >> ${MF}
  echo "||" >> ${MF}
  echo "++========================================" >> ${MF}
  tar tjvf $tbz >> ${MF}

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