becoming a port committor

Eric freebsdlists-ports at
Sat Nov 20 17:30:05 UTC 2010

> I have a lot of free time now that I am retired. I see a large number of
> ports in open status that have been waiting to be committed longer than
> 30 days.
> What is the procedure to become a ports committor?

Normally you would become active in the ports project, submitting ports and
patches, etc.  Then after some unspecified amount of time (hopefully) an
existing committer will nominate you for a 'commit bit', portmgr@ has to
approve that.  You then you work as a committer, but with a mentor approving
your work, eventually ending up committing things by yourself.

I've also been advised that joining #bsdports on EFnet and making yourself
known will help!



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