[PATCH] Proposal for a new option framework

Eitan Adler lists at eitanadler.com
Thu Nov 18 20:24:09 UTC 2010

> Just pulled your latest changes, and now it takes more arrow keys to kill
> it, but two tabs still does the trick.

Revision 88ca1975d4dd fixed usage()
Revision 208207ddab2a fixed some bugs relating to outputting the option names
Revision 77b56ebf5150 added some more sanity checking for the option names

I'm still seeking more testing in a wide range of scenarios as the
goal is to integrate this into the base system (or at least the ports
system). If you see any bugs or issues please let me know so they can
be fixed.

One small note: the D4P program is not designed to be run from the
command line on a regular basis - the intent is for that ports system
to generate the command line and run it like 'make config' currently

Eitan Adler

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