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Joseph Yeager joeyea323 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 15 15:25:39 UTC 2010

     I'm in the process of creating "build" jails for each service that I
run.  The idea is to install each service (apache, nginx, postfix, etc.)
under seperate jails and, when updates are available, run a portupgrade in
the jail, test it, package it, and then install that package on the
production jails.  I have a file server which contains all the jails and
also has an up to date ports tree.  What I wanted to do is mount the ports
tree from the file server to all the build jails so that I don't have to
maintain a separate instance of the ports tree within each jail.  I
originally ran an apache build jail on my laptop and began a compilation of
the port, but cut it off midway through when I realized it made much more
sense to use another Pentium 4 desktop that I had as a dedicated build
machine.  When I tried to compile it (using both a make install and
portupgrade -N), I constantly received errors.  I then ran pkg_deinstall on
everything that was installed and tried again to no avail.  I then did
pkg_deinstall, make clean, and tried compiling again and it still had
errors.  Finally I unmounted the ports tree on the file server and ran a
portsnap fetch extract to build a clean ports tree.  After that finished,
compilation worked perfectly fine.  Does anyone have any idea if there is a
certain directory under the ports tree that I should clean up before trying
to compile?  As a last resort, I can do a ZFS clone of the ports tree and
mount that on the build jail each time, but I would prefer to just keep one
ports tree and possibly take advantage of ports that have already been
compiled that are dependencies of something else.

Thanks for you help,

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