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Josh Paetzel josh at ixsystems.com
Mon Nov 15 14:21:13 UTC 2010

On Monday, November 15, 2010 04:51:36 am Tijl Coosemans wrote:
> On Sunday 14 November 2010 23:02:42 Josh Paetzel wrote:
> > Area51 is quite cloneable it terms of infrastructure and what not. We
> > could very easily provide an SVN repo for experimental xoeg work.
> It would be better if there was a repo for ports development on the
> FreeBSD servers. There are several projects now that could use this
> that I think this is warranted. It would increase their visibility and
> lower the barrier to entry to attract contributors and testers.
> It doesn't have to be anything complicated. An SVN repo that tracks CVS
> and on which ports committers can create project branches would be
> enough.

While conceptually that sounds very simple, an SVN repo that tracks a CVS repo 
is very complicated.  One of the most complicated parts of the FreeBSD src 
repo being in SVN is the SVN -> CVS exporter.  The main issue is there are 
operations that don't map 1:1 across both repos that have to be dealt with by 

I wasn't proposing that, I think area51 is just a place to check in 
experimental ports.  The merge back to FreeBSD has to be done by hand.

The main difference to me is by running it on a PC-BSD infrastructure box I 
can just set it up today and have it running and usable in a few hours.  
Punting it back to the FreeBSD project....by the time it's all sorted and up 
and running it will be spring of 2011. :)

Josh Paetzel
Director of IT, iXsystems
Servers For Open Source  http://www.ixsystems.com
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