help with PR ports/144821

Guido Falsi mad at
Sun Nov 14 15:51:56 UTC 2010


Some time ago I submitted the PR in the subject, and also PR 
ports/144857 which updates a dependent port.

The PR has stayed there. Now I polished it a little and fixed the patch 
to apply to present systems, I also merged the patches from ports/144857.

I'm asking if some committer could have a look at it.

Also an opinion is needed about what to do with the gxmms2 port, at 
present marked broken because the distfile can't be fetched.

With a followup it was suggested to use the distfile hosted on debian 
mirrors which has a different filename, what is the suggested way to 
cope with this? I've sent a last followup with an updated patch to use 
this distfile instead of the official(unfetchable) one. Which solution 
is better?

Thank you in advance for any work or help on this! (and anyway thank to 
all committers for their work!)

P.S. Sorry for the mess with the patches, some of those were generated 
using monotone and not identified by gnats as such. I've generated the 
last one using the system diff to avoid the problem.

Guido Falsi <mad at>

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