Combining several upgrades using portmaster

Dmitry Pryanishnikov lynx.ripe at
Tue Nov 9 14:31:16 UTC 2010


  I wonder whether it's possible to automatically combine several
upgrades using portmaster. Suppose one have to handle both
ports/UPDATING entries:

20100530: suggests portmaster -w -r gettext

20100328: suggests portmaster -r png-

It would be nice to combine them as ' portmaster -w -r gettext -r
png-' to prevent double upgrade of relevant packages; however '-r' can
be specified only once according to manpage. I've handled this by
running both commands, replying 'n' to 'Proceed?' question, merging
resulting origin list with sort|uniq and feeding it back to
portmaster, but maybe there is a simpler way to solve the problem?

Sincerely, Dmitry

nic-hdl: LYNX-RIPE

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