Proposed OPTIONS replacement

Eitan Adler lists at
Mon Nov 8 15:15:46 UTC 2010

If there is interest in writing a BSDL libdialog I would be interested
in working on such a project for the Google Summer of Code.
I'm cross posting to -ports and -sysinstall because this part of the
discussion started on -sysinstall.
Please keep future discussion on -ports as that is what the focus of
my proposal is.
> With libdialog it is not possible to mix radio button and "normal"
> button and for the options framework we need the be able to get the
> following feature imho:
> simple options: check box

My program has this

> exclusive options: radio button

My program has this

> exclusive options if a simple option is check (for example option X11
> allow to choose between the following options QT3 QT4 GTK etc)

My program does has this capability yet. I'm not exactly sure how to
indicate this on the command line. Perhaps some kind of
--requires-other option?

> group options: a user can check choose between 0-N options (check box)

> if a other options is activated example a port can be build with 2 or
> more gui toolkit at the same time: avidemux for example
> group options with at least one options checked (1-N).

My program does not yet have this capability. Perhaps a --min and a
--max option for radio options? This might be a pain to implement due
to the way my program handles radio options.  If there is a major need
for this feature I'll spend the time adding the feature.

> As far as I've looked into libdialog it is nearly impossible to handle
> in a simple (I may be wrong and missed some part of libdialog)

I don't know libdialog very well, but I know that with dialog(1) this
is impossible.

> Other choices will be :
> 1/ create a ncurses tool dedicated for the ports as Eitan began to do
> it (thanks for that :)) (this is my favorite choice)

I'm still looking for a comprehensive code review. I really want to
get my program as good as possible.

Eitan Adler

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