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> On Sun, Nov 7, 2010 at 09:16, Jerry
> <freebsd-ports.user at> wrote:
> > Has there been any work done on "PR 151183"
> > <>?
> >
> > I attempted to build it again and it still fails. Apparently, there
> > are at least three users affected by this problem. It appears to
> > affect both i386 and amd64 bit systems.
> >
> > Has anyone else experienced this phenomena?
> Isn't mysql 5.5 (which seems to be what everyone in the PR is running)
> an unsupported development version? The php extension builds and works
> fine with 5.1 so the burden is probably more on the reporters to
> submit a fix - maybe upstream php has one?

I question whether or not it is "unsupported"; however, that doesn't
change the fact that the PR is factually correct. If the PHP extension
will not build with that version of MySQL, then the port should so
indicate it. Perhaps using a "CONFLICTS" statement or something similar
in the ports Makefile would be appropriate.

I do find it rather interesting that while I employ quite a few PHP
modules, this is the only one that fails. Perhaps there is an inherent
problem with the port that up until now had not be discovered. In any
event, I thought that Ale would have responded with some feedback by

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