one question please

Frank J. Laszlo laszlof at
Sat Nov 6 23:28:53 UTC 2010

On 11/6/2010 4:31 PM, Marián Jamrich wrote:
> Hi!
> I have one question to you. How do I get email address my_name at
> I made my first FreeBSD port and I want to send to commit.
> Thanks for you reply.

Hello! addresses are reserved for committers and other FreeBSD 
organization members. Typically how it works is once you've contributed 
to FreeBSD for a while, you may be asked to become a committer, at which 
point you will be given write access to the FreeBSD repository, and the 
associated address.

Given that you've only submitted a single port, you likely have a lot to 
learn before you'd be given such access.

Either way, thanks for your contributions!

-Frank Laszlo

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