ghostscript x11

grarpamp grarpamp at
Tue Nov 2 06:07:05 UTC 2010

>> Unknown device: x11
>> Unrecoverable error: undefined in .uninstallpagedevice
>> Operand stack: defaultdevice

> Wrote elhosots:
> After my post, ive been unable to reproduce my own results. The
> only thing that works for me under fbsd 8.1-stable is to use
> ghostscript7

So are you installing (-f force overwrite?) ghostscript7 after gv
installs 8?

Hmm... given that with my package set on RELENG_8, in today's list
of i386/packages-8-stable we have the following list of conflicts
on 7 and pkgdeps on 8, I'm a bit confused as to how things work.

Were I to install 7 first, it looks like gv/gsview are going to try
installing 8 over top of it? And they will fail as 8 conflicts.

Were I to install 7 last, it may break the apps that dep on the
newer 8 due to binary, feature and clobbering issues.

Yet curiously, gsview does display fine with 8 (no x11 error) yet
I do not have 7 installed (the one claimed to work with gv without
and x11 error, as in your case).

My state is clean as I rm -rf /usr/local, which also contains the
pkg database for that instance, before installing the local package

/usr/local/pkg/ghostscript8-8.71_6/+CONTENTS:@conflicts ghostscript7-[0-9]*
/usr/local/pkg/ghostscript8-8.71_6/+CONTENTS:@conflicts ghostscript7-*-[0-9]*

/usr/local/pkg/epstool-3.08_3/+CONTENTS:@pkgdep ghostscript8-8.71_6
/usr/local/pkg/epstool-3.08_3/+CONTENTS:@comment DEPORIGIN:print/ghostscript8
/usr/local/pkg/gsfonts-8.11_5/+CONTENTS:@dirrm share/ghostscript/fonts
/usr/local/pkg/gsfonts-8.11_5/+CONTENTS:@unexec rmdir
%D/share/ghostscript 2>/dev/null || true
/usr/local/pkg/gsview-4.9_3/+CONTENTS:@pkgdep ghostscript8-8.71_6
/usr/local/pkg/gsview-4.9_3/+CONTENTS:@comment DEPORIGIN:print/ghostscript8
/usr/local/pkg/gv-3.7.1/+CONTENTS:@pkgdep ghostscript8-8.71_6
/usr/local/pkg/gv-3.7.1/+CONTENTS:@comment DEPORIGIN:print/ghostscript8
/usr/local/pkg/pstotext-1.9_2/+CONTENTS:@pkgdep ghostscript8-8.71_6
/usr/local/pkg/pstotext-1.9_2/+CONTENTS:@comment DEPORIGIN:print/ghostscript8

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