devel/cmake bug: "-pthread; -D_THREAD_SAFE" emitted instead of "-pthread -D_THREAD_SAFE"

Rene Ladan rene at
Mon May 31 19:34:44 UTC 2010


somehow devel/cmake outputs "-pthread;-D_THREAD_SAFE" instead of
"-pthread -D_THREAD_SAFE" to the generated Makefiles (note the semicolon).

This means some list is passed verbatim to the compiler, causing the
shell to execute the wrong commands. I have looked into the source code
but there seems to be no relevant mention of "-D_THREAD_SAFE", nor in
/usr/include or /usr/local/include.

A workaround of course is to patch the generated Makefiles, but it would
be nicer to fix the real problem (which does not seem to exist on most
Linux distributions).

I'm using cmake 2.8.1, but it also happens with earlier versions.

I don't have a testcase yet, sorry.


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