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Ashish SHUKLA at
Fri May 28 23:26:22 UTC 2010

Dmitry Marakasov writes:


> I strictly object to adding hs- prefix to end-user applications like
> darcs and xmonad, because it's a huge POLA violation. Users do not care
> what the application is written in, they just search for
> devel/{svn,mercurial,darcs} and x11-wm/{xmonad,icewm}, and should find
> these ports in the expected places. We don't prefix mercurial with
> py- and icewm with c-, similarily we shouldn't prefix darcs et al with
> hs-. Modules that are used only for development and as dependencies is a
> whole different thing, and definitely are what prefixes are for.

I agree with you, but by a pre-existing convention (not carved in stone
anywhere, AFAIK) in FreeBSD, I prefer keeping ports prefixed with

1. Padre, which is an editor hacked in Perl is available from a port named

2. SpamAssassin, an anti-spam filter is available as 'p5-Mail-SpamAssassin'.

3. Pencil which is a mockup based out-of firefox is available as
   'www/xpi-pencil', which even doesn't have anything to do with World Wide
   Web except that it runs in a www browser, still has name/category like

4.  Conkeror, the web browser is available as 'xpi-conkeror'.

And also having 'hs-' prefix implies their being implemented in Haskell. I'm
sure other users who are aware of the convention of p5-, py-, xpi- will try to
search for Haskell related app as 'hs-'.

So, IMHO 'hs-' for all haskell based ports is a nice idea towards

% make -C /usr/ports search name=darcs |grep '^Port:'
Port:   cvs2darcs-0.8
Port:   hs-darcs-2.4.3
Port:   py26-darcsver-1.5.1
Port:   py26-setuptools_darcs-1.2.9
Port:   devel/darcs

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