Renamed Haskell Applications

Dmitry Marakasov amdmi3 at
Wed May 26 21:46:47 UTC 2010

* jhell (jhell at wrote:

> Normally I would object to something like this but in this case being that 
> it is about Haskell applications, the change helps users locate all of the 
> Haskell related ports quicker. Its almost as if the hs-* ports were in 
> their own category like the ports-mgmt tools are.

They are.

make -C /usr/ports search cat=haskell

> For another part upgrading these will also be a slight bit smoother
> and locating what Haskell packages you have on your system will
> be easier just specifying hs-* to a upgrade tool or to
> pkg_de[lete|install].

There's no guarantee that all haskell-using ports will be prefixed with
hs- (and I hope they will not). For upgrading haskell ports, one should

portupgrade -R ghc-\*

I strictly object to adding hs- prefix to end-user applications like
darcs and xmonad, because it's a huge POLA violation. Users do not care
what the application is written in, they just search for
devel/{svn,mercurial,darcs} and x11-wm/{xmonad,icewm}, and should find
these ports in the expected places. We don't prefix mercurial with
py- and icewm with c-, similarily we shouldn't prefix darcs et al with
hs-. Modules that are used only for development and as dependencies is a
whole different thing, and definitely are what prefixes are for.

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