ports/146920: Allegro runtime and Allegro-devel libraries incompatible

Naram Qashat cyberbotx at cyberbotx.com
Tue May 25 02:35:20 UTC 2010

As the current maintainer of the Allegro ports, I can tell you a few things 
here.  For one, the devel/allegro port will be updated to as soon as I 
can get some more time to finish patching it for FreeBSD and making sure those 
patches work.  For two, devel/allegro-devel is meant to be Allegro's 
developmental version and does not necessarily need to be compatible with 
devel/allegro in any way, and as such, once I get devel/allegro updated, I will 
be updating devel/allegro-devel to 4.9.19.  So basically, I would say is it up 
to the maintainers of ports relying on any Allegro ports to side with one of the 
ports and not rely on the other port.  I can't force them into doing so, however.

Naram Qashat

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