Update java for Firefox-3.6.3

Jerry freebsd-ports.user at seibercom.net
Mon May 24 10:56:53 UTC 2010

On Mon, 24 May 2010 20:07:41 +1000
Peter Jeremy <peterjeremy at acm.org> articulated:

> On 2010-May-23 09:53:40 -0400, Jerry
> <freebsd-ports.user at seibercom.net> wrote:
> >It has been several months now since Firefox-3.6.3 was released into
> >the ports system. Has a viable version of Java been created to work
> >with this version of Firefox? I am unable to locate any information
> >in regards to this on the FreeBSD web page.
> There are a couple of old mails in freebsd-java but as far as I can
> see, no progress has been made.  That is probably the best mailing
> list to enquire on.

It is becoming a real hassle. Lately, I have been forced to use my
laptop which has Windows installed to access sites that make extensive
use of Java. Unfortunately, even ESPN, which I access extensively,
needs Java to operate correctly. The only viable options appears to be
reverting to a deprecated version of Firefox or keep my laptop at my
side at all times. That also poses a problem since I really hate

I know that this will not be a popular suggestion; however, rather than
spending time bumping version numbers in FreeBSD, perhaps the
developers could invest some time in making the present product more
functional. Example: drivers for 'n' class wireless cards. Virtually
none exist in FreeBSD at present. The inclusion of a modern version of
Java. Nothing in the notes I have read regarding the still
unofficially released 8.1 version leads me to believe that either of
these deficiencies has been addressed.

Just my 2¢.

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