did sudo change the default sense of env_reset option?

Boris Samorodov bsam at ipt.ru
Mon May 24 06:56:12 UTC 2010

Hi Andrew and All,

On Sat, 22 May 2010 19:52:37 +1000 Andrew Reilly wrote:

> I haven't changed my configuration recently, but I've noticed
> that sudo processes have stopped inheriting my environment
> variables like MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX and PORTSDIR.  I read the man
> page, and tried sudo -E, and that brings back the "old"
> behaviour, but that implies (according to the man page) that my
> sudoers file has env_reset enabled, and it just doesn't.

> Hmm.  Closer reading of man 5 sudoers says that env_reset is
> *on* by default.  This is new to me.

> Hmm.  More digging in man pages: I need to add
> Defaults !env_reset
> under the #Defaults specification line.

> Any thoughts or suggestions?

Seems that at least an entry at UPDATING will be good to have.

> OK, so I've figured out the answer to my problem now, but since
> I have seen one other post about the sudden disappearance of
> MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX, and no obvious conversation about changes to
> sudo, I'll post this anyway.  Hope it helps someone.

I was the person of that post. Sure the new sudo behaviour has not
been expected. Now all is clear [to me]. Thanks a lot!

WBR, Boris Samorodov (bsam)
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