netgen - was Re: How to extract tcl src

Stephen Montgomery-Smith stephen at
Sun May 23 03:40:54 UTC 2010

Thanks for all the responses.  However I have decided against performing 
an update of graphics/togl.

I was trying to upgrade cad/netgen to 4.9.13 (an update appeared on 
sourceforge a while ago).  This required togl, and there are some 
mistakes in the togl port.  So I thought I might as well upgrade to 
togl-2.0 while I was at it.  But netgen 4.9.13 requires togl 1.7.

But I've even given up on the netgen port upgrade.  The configure file 
seems to be rather poorly written, and requires many hacks.  I am 
uncertain that even if I get it to build, that it will run properly.

If someone out there really wants me to upgrade netgen, I'll give it 
another go.  But they have to be a user of netgen, so that they can 
ensure that it still works properly for them.

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