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Fri May 21 16:36:25 UTC 2010

This is b/c of the recent Mk/bsd.apache.mk change.

See the apache at freebsd.org archives.

itectu@ and I will be looking at it.  I won't have any time till Monday

On 05/21/10 10:50, Hans F. Nordhaug wrote:
> * Martin Koch Andersen <martin at 925.dk> [2010-05-21]:
>> Hi,
>> I re-installed PHP 5.3, and now I wonder why it shows as
>> "ap22-php5-5.3.2" in the package listing (config'ed with apache22
>> module and cli). I think the usual name is "php5-5.3.2".
>> Did anything change?
> Yes, but I can't tell where. The latest commit to the lang/php5 port 
> should have such side effects AFAICT.
> Anyway, I'm seeing it to. There is another problem with this. The
> options/config files are created:
> /var/db/ports/ap22-php5/options and /var/db/ports/php5/options
> If you run make config /var/db/ports/ap22-php5/options is updated, but
> /var/db/ports/php5/options is used when building. I noticed because I
> turned off debugging, but debugging was still enabled in the build.
> Hans
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