Apache 22 - FreeBSD 8.0 - (httpd), uid 80: exited on signal 11

Hans F. Nordhaug Hans.F.Nordhaug at hiMolde.no
Fri May 21 11:52:01 UTC 2010

* Hans F. Nordhaug <Hans.F.Nordhaug at hiMolde.no> [2010-05-17]:
> OK, this problem is just not going away. Doing a reload of a page, the
> segmentation fault will appear from 20-50% of the time. It's getting
> more and more clear that this is a PHP bug in some way. I have
> compiled PHP and Apache with debugging, disabled the Suhosin patch and
> only suing two extensions: php5-xml and php5-session. All ports are
> up-to-date. This is still on FreeBSD 8 with PHP 5.3.2. 

The text above is strongly reduced - see the complete message at

The problem is "solved". Disabling the zend multibyte support removed
the sporadic segmentation faults. 


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