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2010/5/20 joris dedieu <joris.dedieu at>:
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>> On Wed, 19 May 2010 20:07:25 +0300 Ion-Mihai Tetcu wrote:
>>> On Wed, 19 May 2010 08:11:48 +0200
>>> joris dedieu <joris.dedieu at> wrote:
>>> > I would like to know if there is a way to tell a port that it depend
>>> > on an other port
>>> > but build with particulars options.
>>> >
>>> > Eg : port foo build depend on bar but won't build if bar is not build
>>> >
>>> > I  don't see anything to say that in, so before to
>>> > implement self made tests, I want to know if I miss something.
>>> no, there isn't.
>> Here is a workaround: create a port with needed options and use
>> that new port as a dependency. You may look at comms/gammy-python
>> as an example.
Ok thank for those replies.

I'm currently porting Mandriva Directory Server (

In source tree there are tow packages :
- mmc-core which provides a daemon tool (mmc-agent) written in python and
a web interface written in php.
- mds  which provides some plugins (mail, samba, squid ...) for both
the agent and the interface.

You can install the agent on a machine and the web ui in an other.
You can also have several agents connected to the same web-ui

As usual linux distros spilt it in many packages.

So I think I will do it this way :

mmc-agent -> install the agent
mmc-web  -> install the web interface

mds-agent -> install the base plugin and some optionnal depend on mmc-agent
mds-web  -> depend on mds-web

The problem I have is that it also provides :
- a plugin for openldap that won't work if openldap is not build with ppolicy
- a plugin for manage openssh ldap public key (that only will run if
security/openssh-portable is compiled with the lpk-patch

As it run depend I can just send a warning in pkg-message.

It also means that I will have 4 ports for only 2 tarballs.


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