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Aristedes Maniatis ari at ish.com.au
Thu May 20 00:47:11 UTC 2010

On 20/05/10 10:35 AM, Doug Barton wrote:
> On 05/19/10 17:19, Jurgen Weber wrote:
>> Dough
>> Ah, I see. That looks to have worked correctly.
> Excellent!

Hi Doug

Can I suggest a note in the man page about this. For many users this is likely the first time they would hit this discrepancy with the INDEX files and portsnap. Your index-only feature is certainly the first time we hit this issue. Until now we never knew that INDEX was built conditionally around the settings in make.conf, and we've been using FreeBSD ports for about 15 years now.

          do not try to use /usr/ports.  For updating ports when no /usr/ports
          directory is present the -PP|--packages-only option is required.  See
          the ENVIRONMENT section below for additional requirements. When using this
          feature with any options that affect port building in make.conf, make sure you
          build your INDEX files with 'make index' rather than using the portsnap
          supplied INDEX files.

Thanks for all your great work on the portmaster tool.


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