GPLv3-licensed ports

jhell jhell at
Wed May 19 12:10:55 UTC 2010

Adding to this bundle of madness...

I believe that it would be best practice to keep ports/LEGAL up-to-date
with this list.

Those who already have ports on a machine may find it more usefull to
find them there.

Quoting ports/LEGAL:
"Some of the ports in this directory have restrictive copyrights" and
GPLv3 I believe certainly would fall under that category.

Feel free to start list here:

Dist                    Port                    Why
gcc-*-4.2-*.tar.bz2	lang/gcc42		GPLv3
gcc-*-4.3-*.tar.bz2	lang/gcc43		GPLv3
gcc-*-4.4-*.tar.bz2	lang/gcc44		GPLv3
gcc-*-4.5-*.tar.bz2	lang/gcc45		GPLv3




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