portmaster cannot find package

Aristedes Maniatis ari at ish.com.au
Mon May 17 06:14:12 UTC 2010

On 17/05/10 3:49 PM, Doug Barton wrote:
> On 05/16/10 20:35, Aristedes Maniatis wrote:
>> On 5/05/10 1:54 AM, Doug Barton wrote:
>>> Is there an apache-2.2.13 package in packages/All? And what do the links
>>> in packages/www and packages/Latest refer to?
>> I did some more digging in the script itself. You have some code like this:
>> if [ -r "${LOCAL_PACKAGEDIR}/All/${new_port}.tbz" ]; then
>>    local_package=${LOCAL_PACKAGEDIR}/All/${new_port}.tbz
>>    latest_pv=${local_package##*/}
>> fi
>> But I'm guessing the confusion is that we have ..../Latest/apache22.tgz,
>> but ...../All/apache-worker-2.2.15.tgz
> No, the Latest doesn't enter into it with --index-only.

Perhaps I've confused the threads. But this issue appears to be a simple one: I've installed the www/apache22 port but with certain settings it installs the package called apache-worker. And with the index-only option, it thinks it can see 2.2.13 but that version package doesn't even exist in /All.

I'm assuming that ${new_port} is confused between the real package name and the 'other' name, but that could be an incorrect guess on my part. Certainly the problem goes away if I remove the index-only option from portmaster.rc. I've also tried using portsnap fetch update to update to a current INDEX file.

If /Latest isn't being used, and portmaster is using the reference in the INDEX file to know which package to try and install, it is certainly finding the right version number, but just failing to find the package I can see sitting right there in /All.



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