UPDATING entry for phonon ports

Doug Barton dougb at FreeBSD.org
Tue May 11 18:18:46 UTC 2010


In 1.921 you suggested the following:
  portmaster -o multimedia/qt4-phonon multimedia/phonon
  portmaster -o multimedia/qt4-phonon-gst multimedia/phonon-gstreamer

But I'm confused. I have qt4-phonon-4.6.1_1 and qt4-phonon-gst-4.6.1_1
installed currently, but those ports are marked IGNORE. Is your
intention to tell users that they should be replacing the qt4 versions
with multimedia/phonon and multimedia/phonon-gstreamer? If so, then the
order of the arguments for the -o options for portmaster (and I'm almost
certain for portupgrade as well) needs to be reversed.

OTOH, the non-qt4 ports also have IGNORE lines in them. In any case, it
would be nice if there were more information about this in the UPDATING
entry. What's there right now makes no sense to me at all, although I'm
sure it made sense to you when you wrote it. :)

I am not using KDE, but I do have qt4 installed for other stuff. When I
get done doing the updates you're suggesting, what phonon ports should I
have installed?




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