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On 10/05/2010 17:12:47, Helmut Schneider wrote:

> Is there a list of ports-related knobs for make.conf?

Other than /usr/ports/KNOBS you mean?

As far as I know, no one has managed to assemble a document detailing
all of the various variables that can be tweaked to affect the way the
ports work.  That would be an excellent piece of work, if done, but a
bit of a bear to keep correct and up to date.  There is a reasonable
chunk of documentation in the Porter's handbook, but that is clearly
aimed at people writing and maintaining ports: not entirely what a ports
user might want.

The best resource for finding out about this stuff is to read the
various Makefiles -- both those in /usr/ports/Mk and the ones in
individual ports.  The majority of port-specific variables have been
moved into the OPTIONS framework, with more still gradually moving over
even now. However as OPTIONS variables are boolean valued they can't
provide everything the ports requires, and there is limited capacity to
describe what each port OPTION does.  [There were proposals in play to
expand that, but nothing has been committed as yet.]



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