Status of Xorg 7.5 and xfce4?

Ondrej Majerech oxyd.oxyd at
Wed May 5 14:26:36 UTC 2010

Richard Kuhns wrote:
> I'll try renaming ~/.config/xfce4 when I get home this evening. I've already
> removed ~/.config/xfce4-session to no effect, and I don't have an xorg.conf file
> at all.

Then I suppose you are using HAL and Dbus, right? Does any of these two 
complain about anything? You could try disabling them and writing an 
Xorg.conf by hand and see that gets you anywhere.

> BTW, the machine I updated is running amd64; was your successful update amd64 or
> i386?

Mine's i386.

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