syslog-ng3 fixes and fixes

Peter Czanik pczanik at
Wed May 5 09:53:01 UTC 2010


Attached is a diff, which updates the port to syslog-ng version 3.1.1,
adds new features and fixes a number of bugs:

- using options now actually works (had to change to use .include
- compiling SSL works (only with openssl from ports, as ssl in base
system does not provide pkg-config files, which configure looks for...)
- all features can be switched from options menu
- added database support

They worked for me, but I don't have yet long experience in FreeBSD port
maintenance. Please test my patches and commit them.

3.1 brings a number of bugfixes compared to 3.0 and some new features.
Here is a list from the ChangeLog:

        New features:
        * Support for patterndb v2 and v3 format, along with a bunch of new
          parsers: ANYSTRING, IPv6, IPvANY and FLOAT.

        * Added a new "pdbtool" utility to manage patterndb files: convert
          them from v1 or v2 format, merge mulitple patterndb files into one
          and look up matching patterns given a specific message.

        * Support for message tags: tags can be assigned to log messages as
          they enter syslog-ng: either by the source driver or via patterndb.
          Later it these tags can be used for efficient filtering.

        * Added support for rewriting structured data.

        * Macros and name-value pairs got a little tighter integration,
          in filters where syslog-ng 3.0 was limited to only use name-value
          pairs, with 3.1 you can also use macros.

        * Enhanced dynamic name-value performance by a factor of three.

        * Some parsers got additional features: NUMBER is now able to parse
          hexadecimal numbers, ESTRING is now able to search for multiple
          characters as the end of the string.

        * Added non-standard and non-portable facility codes (range 10-15),
          decouple syslog-ng facility name information from the system used
          to compile syslog-ng on.

        * Added pcre support in the binary packages of syslog-ng.

        An updated administrator's guide is available on the BalaBit
        documentation page at:


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