Dixit port bad management

Tim A cxtim at live.com
Tue May 4 10:10:19 UTC 2010

> > >> 4) I don't understand the suprematism attitude of the maintainers
> > >> in charge, who don't give a penny on the programs they are suppose
> > >> to maintain. They are only interested in the statistics generated
> > >> by their unprofessional ports, but not in their quality.


QED ***********


> Blah, don't loose the time on this. You won't get any PR anyway.
> I committed an update to the port, which almost works in this version
> (except the menus, and that might be a question of fonts/locale).
> Then tomorrow I'll nicely drop maintainership and schedule it for
> deletion, no body being interested in it and me being so unprofessional.
> Damn, there goes my record!
> Matthias Andree

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