FreeBSD Port: firefox-3.6.3, 1 (trying to load certain pages causes the browser to hang then crash)

Mikhail T. mi+thun at
Mon May 3 15:20:34 UTC 2010

-10.01.-28163 14:59, Joey Mingrone написав(ла):
> Nothing loads at all.  It just remains on the current page and says
> something like "connected to" in the status bar and
> hangs for a minute or two then crashes/closes.  Sometimes it seg.
> faults and other times it closes, but the processes are still running
> when I check with ps.
> Joey
None of https-using URLs worked for me with a 3.6.x firefox
on my FreeBSD-7.x/amd64 desktop back in March. The browser
would usually just hang.

Thunderbird-3.x had a similar problem -- although the first SSL-based
connection to my IMAP server would succeed, the MUA would not be
able to reconnect later...

Going back to 3.5.x (and 2.0.x for Thunderbird) fixed the problems.
Folks on gecko@ could not reproduce it, so I am "glad" somebody
else confirms, I'm not a complete lunatic :-)


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