Latest squid update

Andrea Venturoli ml at
Mon May 3 08:37:32 UTC 2010

> 20100502:
>   AFFECTS: users of www/squid*
>   AUTHOR: miwi at
>   Starting with squid* the directory containing the default cache and log
>   directory was changed from $PREFIX/squid/ to /var/squid/.
>   The default value for the following Squid configuration parameters
>   have changed as follows:
>   cache_log from $PREFIX/squid/logs/cache.log to /var/squid/logs/cache.log
>   cache_store_log from $PREFIX/squid/logs/store.log to /var/squid/logs/store.log
>   pid_filename from $PREFIX/squid/logs/ to /var/squid/logs/
>   coredump_dir from $PREFIX/squid/cache to /var/squid/cache
>   Please check whether you need to define any of these variables in
>   your squid.conf to the old defaults explicitly before updating,
>   especially if you have set up automated log processing or automated
>   log rotation. If you define pid_filename in your squid.conf you
>   should also set squid_pidfile to the same value in /etc/rc.conf,
>   cf. $PREFIX/etc/rc.d/squid.

AFAICT the parameter "cache_dir" should also be checked.
Not so difficult to guess, but you might want to mention this one too.

  bye & Thanks

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