GSoC: Making ports work with clang

Andrius Morkūnas hinokind at
Sun May 2 21:03:16 UTC 2010

On Sun, 02 May 2010 23:17:00 +0300, Eitan Adler <eitanadlerlist at> wrote:
> Good - and those 30% of ports will help improve clang++ even more.
Some probably will, we submit a lot of bug reports for clang/llvm.

> Hopefully over time that number will increase to 100% and we will be
> able to say goodbye to gcc for good.
That won't happen, at least not anytime soon and not until we get rid of
[old] poorly written ports from the ports tree. Another problem is ports
using horrible or less horrible GNU extensions for C or C++, clang will
not support all of them. So we will still need gcc for some things, just
like we need USE_GCC=whatever now, because some ports don't compile with
gcc42 from base. I just hope we can get the majority of ports working
with clang and keep the number of ports that need gcc as low as possible.


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