portmaster 2.23, missing ORGIN

Doug Barton dougb at FreeBSD.org
Sat May 1 20:29:38 UTC 2010

On 05/01/10 05:12, Jakub Lach wrote:
> Hello.
> Since upgrade to 2.23 portmaster is complaining
> about ORGIN e.g.
> $ portmaster --check-port-dbdir
> ===>>> No ORIGIN in /var/db/pkg/pkgdb.db/+CONTENTS
> Is this expected behaviour?

Nope, but the good news is that it's harmless.

Previously the origin_from_pdb() function didn't return an error, so the
--check-port-dbdir feature didn't need to check if what it was working
on is a directory. Now it does, so you can apply the attached patch if
that message bothers you.

I checked the other places that origin_from_pdb() is called and this
seems to be the only place that this would be an issue.




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Index: portmaster
--- portmaster	(revision 207459)
+++ portmaster	(working copy)
@@ -997,6 +1000,8 @@
 	echo "===>>> Building list of installed port names"; echo ''
 	for pkg in $pdb/*; do
+		[ -d $pkg ] || continue
 		unset unique_name

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