qca-ossl and bacula-client fail during compile

Ralf Folkerts ralf.folkerts at gmx.de
Sat May 1 07:29:33 UTC 2010

Am 01.05.2010 06:19, schrieb Dirk Meyer:
> Ralf Folkerts schrieb:,
>> Well, a few Ports failed (due to the OpenSSL-Update to 1.0.0?). I
>> watched and searched this "ports" ML but didn't find these, so probably
>> I did something wrong during the Update? Also, I didn't notice any
>> Head-Up -- did I miss something?
> Not much ... a few apps have not yet patched for openssl 1.0.0
> You may skip all errors with MD2, this is no longer in the default builds.
> If you rebuild openssl and set the option WITH_MD2,
> a good number of problems with older software will be gone.

Hi Dirk,

thanks a lot for the Info! The qca-ossl justz did what you recommend; 
disable MD2. Unfortunately bacula is worse. However as my Backups still 
work fine (however, it crashes during Catalog-Backup) it's not to much 
of a Problem, too.


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