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On 31/03/2010 17:45:21, Ulrich Spörlein wrote:
> This has been floated around in this thread as "fat packages", where you
> basically have the build cluster build a port, eg. three ways. In our
> case vim-lite (no x11), vim (gui) and vim-full (perl, cscope, ...).
> These three runs can than be combined into one fat package. As they
> share documentation and other "share/" data, only the binaries/libraries
> need to be stored 3x in the package and compression should nullify the
> .tbz growth further.

The term 'fat packages' suggests to me packages that incorporate
binaries for several different CPU architectures -- there's precedent
for that usage in MacOS X[*].  'Polymorphic' would be a better term IMHO
- -- pkgs could be both fat and polymorphic if desired.



[*] Whether fat-ness is managed by introducing a port of the MacOS
lipo(1) application and modifying the way applications are run and that
dynamic linking works to support multi-architecture binaries is the way
to go, or whether having architecture specific parts of a pkg that are
installed selectively would be better is no doubt something that will
provide many hours of enjoyable debate.

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