portmaster v2.20 + request for (continue) feature improvement.

jhell jhell at dataix.net
Wed Mar 31 15:10:59 UTC 2010

Dear Doug, ;)

It has crossed my mind through a couple upgrades the idea to implement a
way for portmaster to continue a upgrade if the package set that is
being upgraded have no dependencies on per say a package set that
previously failed to upgrade.

Please correct me if I am wrong but when the recent ports update that
happened with png- I also had other ports that were out of date that
needed upgrades that did not depend on png- or one of the packages that
depended on something that depended png-. When one of the packages that
depended on png- failed, portmaster then terminated leaving me to either
specify package by package till the png- & dependents were fixed or
provide a manual list of ports I knew could be upgraded without failing.

Do you think it would be practical to build per say an array of packages
that should be upgraded together that would result in portmaster to be
able to continue with ports that it knows won't come back to a port that
failed ?

For instance mysql- needed to be upgraded but had no other dependencies
that lead back to a port that depended on png-. This left my machine in
a complete idle state while I was hoping! to use build time while I was
not at the machine so actual usage time would not be affected by any
type of load.

Crossing fingers,
Sincerely yours,

Thanks in advance,



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