[RFC] deprecate @exec and @unexec in plists in favor of pre-install and post-install scripts

Alexander Leidinger Alexander at Leidinger.net
Wed Mar 31 14:37:36 UTC 2010

Quoting Florent Thoumie <flz at xbsd.org> (from Wed, 31 Mar 2010 12:00:53 +0000):

>> It could serve as a proof of concept and would
>> show more clearly what you have in mind. Done nicely, it also allows to keep
>> a lot of the stuff in the Makefile and only write such scripts by hand if
>> absolutely necessary (think about e.g. "CREATE_USER=name1:UID1 name2:UID2"
>> which would already cover a lot if not most use cases).
> CREATE_USER? Have you been living under a rock recently? :-)

Seems so... but hey, not every port creates users, so I feel free to  
reject the pointy hat. :)

> I suppose Garrett sent this email to get a feel of what the general
> consensus was. If it turns out that people agree we should get rid of
> those lines, then I'm sure we can find people willing to do the
> necessary work.

Personally I do not care if those lines vanish or not, but I agree  
that it would be a good idea to create some kind of library of common  
stuff (which includes the cleanup of existing stuff as time permits).  
This library does not need to do this stuff the same way as it is done  
currently, if the new way is more easy (in whatever way makes sense  
here) for the person porting some software. The see several benefits  
in the pre-/post-install way and no obvious harm in case the script is  
created automatically by the ports collection most of the time.

Or in short: ++vote;


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