Old ports bugs analyzis

Eir Nym eirnym at gmail.com
Mon Mar 29 21:27:42 UTC 2010

I work on creating system for system and ports autobuilder with custom
settings for my FreeBSD machines. I know about many programs, which do
same, but I don't like strange depends, which are not controlled by
OPTIONS and some another

I've analyse ports tree and want to say about.
There're lot problems with ports to create per-port PRs
manually.Common types of problems are listed here:

0) Main part of problems in tons of ports, which has hidden options
(WITH & WITHOUT checking), but not using OPTIONS for them.
1) There many libraries added with BUILD&RUN dependencies, not as LIB-DEPENDS.
2) Some ports has only BUILD depends to libraries, but links them dynamicly.
3) All(?) samba33 slaves define dependency as "samba33", and make
warning me about master target redefinition when do something on them.
4) many ports define dependencies as
5) And some adds trailing slash.

I want fix these problems, but I have no much time to fix several
thousands of ports. This work (include PR sending) needs about is 1-2
month per 8-10 hours a day.

I put my analysys in several work files:
I've removed ${PORTSDIR} from paths for readability in index files.

http://freebsd.eroese.org/bsd.local.mk - different describe target
(clean and simple)
http://freebsd.eroese.org/portInfo.py - py-IDX maker. old, but enough version.

http://freebsd.eroese.org/tag  - portsnap(8) tag
http://freebsd.eroese.org/IDX - special maked IDX
http://freebsd.eroese.org/py-IDX - human readable format of IDX, see
py program for comments about types.

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