Massive port bloat caused by the recommended en-freebsd-doc

Hiroki Sato hrs at
Sun Mar 28 20:17:39 UTC 2010

Peter Olsson <pol at> wrote
  in <1269804756.2864.94.camel at x61s>:

po> I added no options to the configs that were displayed, just removed some
po> (e.g. X11 from ghostscript IIRC). I'm not so concerned with the time
po> that passed, I'm just shocked by the number of ports that got installed.
po> I'm glad this was a test install, I won't install en-freebsd-doc again.
po> I suggest a big warning sign on the installation page which recommends
po> installing en-freebsd-doc. Anyway, no worries and keep up the very good
po> work you do with FreeBSD.

 This is because building the documentation set needs a bunch of
 toolchains.  If you want this but not want to install the toolchains,
 install it by using the corresponding packages.

-- Hiroki
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