python and HUGE_STACK_SIZE

Doug Barton dougb at
Fri Mar 26 23:17:14 UTC 2010

On 03/26/10 14:03, Steven Kreuzer wrote:
> So, it seems like most of the time python scripts will work with HUGE_STACK_SIZE
> turned off, but every once and a while some scripts will fail in non obvious ways
> that could leave a person scratching their head for weeks trying to get to the bottom of it
> To me, it seems like the best behavior would be to default to compiling with that set. I'll create
> a patch over the weekend and open a PR

>From the discussion (not speaking from experience or python knowledge)
it seems like an OPTION is the way to go, with the open question being
defaults to on or defaults to off.

What is the impact of HUGE_STACK_SIZE when it's compiled in, and how
will it affect those running python stuff who don't actually need it?

If it turns out that only a few ports need it and the impact is
undesirable those ports that do need it could be adapted to test for it
somehow and suggest that the user re-install python with the option.



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