curl, c-ares, and IPv6

Peter Pentchev roam at
Mon Mar 22 11:09:33 UTC 2010

On Mon, Mar 22, 2010 at 01:05:59PM +0200, Peter Pentchev wrote:
> Hi,
> If this is of interest to anybody, I just committed an update to
> the c-ares asynchronous DNS resolver library, and also a little change
> to the cURL port, finally allowing it to do async DNS lookups when
> IPv6 support is enabled.
> I intend to turn IPv6 support on by default for the upcoming
> curl-7.20.0 update in a couple of days.  If anybody has any strong
> reasons why this should not be done[1], please speak up now :)

Okay, so I wasn't thinking straight here, sorry people :)
IPv6 support *has been* turned on for the cURL port for quite some
time now, it's just that it was off on my couple of machines because
of the incompatibility with c-ares :)

So... so my previous message basically boils down to "hi, you can
use c-ares and IPv6 with curl now, and while I'm here, let me also
demonstrace my absent-mindedness" :)

> [1] I mean, besides the obvious "one more DNS query and a failed
> connect() call" - too many other applications have done this by
> default for the past five, if not ten, years, and there's a growing
> number of instalations (well, okay, still a minority, but still...)
> where the connect() call will *not* fail :)


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