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Mon Mar 22 04:30:43 UTC 2010

On 03/21/10 08:38, Lowell Gilbert wrote:
> Programmer In Training <pit at> writes:
>> Since this isn't listed at and
>> I haven't a clue (yet, I know I've seen how, just can't remember) how to
>> make a report about a port error, I'm posting to this list and
>> cross-posting to the listed maintainer for this port.
> "man send-pr"


>> I'm attempting to install gcompris from ports. Version in ports is
>> 8.4.12_3. It won't fetch from the server so I went to download it and
>> could not find /that/ version but I did find 8.4.13 so I went ahead and
>> put it in distfiles to see if it would work (it didn't).
> 8.4.12 is still available from the FreeBSD servers, so the current port
> builds fine for me.

I hate manually browsing the FreeBSD ftp servers. It takes FOREVER to load.

> I tried 8.4.13, and the only problem seems to be the patch,
> which needs to be adapted for whatever changed upstream.  [You can build
> by just deleting the patch, but permissions and install locations won't
> be right, and I don't think it will work properly.

I'll keep that in mind.

>> If I understand this correctly, there is a freeze on ports. Might I know
>> if 8.4.13 (or even better, the most recent version) will be available
>> after the freeze?
> The odds are always better if you supply a patch...

Right now I write shell scripts for myself and

>> Or is this facing the same problem as Java, lack of programmers
>> dedicated to it?
>> If so, I'll explore options to fixing that.
> It's not quite trivial (often all you need to update a port is to change
> the makefile to point to the new version and update the checksums), but
> it doesn't look difficult.

I did that and it died on being patched. The patch is there for a
reason, I'm not competent enough to know how all to make the changes
needed to be able to keep the patch and install the next point release.

There are other options I can explore, though (such as being patient and
getting it from (which I think the make file should fall
back to if the main source isn't available)).

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