Problem With GCompris

Programmer In Training pit at
Sun Mar 21 02:22:34 UTC 2010

Since this isn't listed at and
I haven't a clue (yet, I know I've seen how, just can't remember) how to
make a report about a port error, I'm posting to this list and
cross-posting to the listed maintainer for this port.

I'm attempting to install gcompris from ports. Version in ports is
8.4.12_3. It won't fetch from the server so I went to download it and
could not find /that/ version but I did find 8.4.13 so I went ahead and
put it in distfiles to see if it would work (it didn't).

If I understand this correctly, there is a freeze on ports. Might I know
if 8.4.13 (or even better, the most recent version) will be available
after the freeze?

Or is this facing the same problem as Java, lack of programmers
dedicated to it?

If so, I'll explore options to fixing that.

Thanks in advance. (:
Yours In Christ,

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