net/xorp - scattering file locations.

Bruce Simpson bms at
Sat Mar 20 02:15:08 UTC 2010

On 03/20/10 01:19, jhell wrote:
> The above mentioned port installs or otherwise scatters quite a few 
> (10 or more) new directories into /usr/local/. Did I miss some 
> configuration setting that I had to explicitly state in order for 
> everything to just be installed in /usr/local/xorp or maybe in a more 
> proper place.

XORP as of 1.7-WIP in SVN is now compliant with the Filesystem Hierarchy 

Its directory is thus more in line with other packages for free 
UNIX-like operating systems.

I appreciate your feedback that this may have violated POLA for you, 
however, it's pretty much a prerequisite for getting it shipped in 
Ubuntu and other UNIX-like systems.

If you have any further queries please direct them to the xorp-users and 
xorp-hackers mailing lists.

Thank you for your interest in XORP.


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