New portmgr secretary: Thomas Abthorpe

Gabor Kovesdan gabor at
Fri Mar 19 15:31:02 UTC 2010

On 18/03/2010 21:47, Erwin Lansing wrote:
> On behalf of portmgr, I am pleased to announce that portmgr has found
> a new secretary: Thomas Abthorpe.  Thomas has been a FreeBSD ports committer
> since 2007 and has made more than 1000 commits since.  He has previously
> served on the ports-security team and is currently a member of the KDE
> and donation teams. He has also mentored several new ports committers
> over the years.
> In his role as portmgr secretary, Thomas will help portmgr keep track of
> ongoing issues, keeps the portmgr, and other bookkeeping work like
> organizing votes and stay in touch with other FreeBSD teams.
> Please welcome him onboard!
Congrats to Thomas for the secretary hat and to Erwin for the FreeBSD 
Foundation director hat.


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