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Robert Huff roberthuff at
Fri Mar 19 12:14:36 UTC 2010

Jerry writes:

>  >People who provide suggestions on how things _should_ be 
>  >without being able to help make them that way shouldn't be
>  >surprised when they get a possibly negative response. Both
>  >parties would be better served by ignoring such comments altogether.
>  So, what you are inferring is that before an individual makes a
>  suggestion for an improvement, modification or whatever in a
>  product, they should be fully capable of instigating that
>  change/modification themselves. Is that correct?

	That's not what I, and seemingly others, read.
	There's a difference between:

	"FreeBSD doesn't have this {feature, (working) port}.  I
	really wish it did, and I think there's more people than you
	realize looking for it."

	hopefully followed by:

	"What can I do to help?"

	and what I remember of the original post, which came across as:

	"FreeBSD doesn't have X?  Do you not realize how important X
	is?  Bunch of losers.  Fix it, or I'm outta here."

	and - seen that way - drew a predictable and quite human
reaction.  Especially when the poster seems to be somewhat more
clueful than someone who is trying FreeBSD becuase "My geek friends
said I should use Linux.".

					Robert Huff


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