New portmgr secretary: Thomas Abthorpe

Erwin Lansing erwin at
Thu Mar 18 16:12:42 UTC 2010

On behalf of portmgr, I am pleased to announce that portmgr has found
a new secretary: Thomas Abthorpe.  Thomas has been a FreeBSD ports committer
since 2007 and has made more than 1000 commits since.  He has previously
served on the ports-security team and is currently a member of the KDE
and donation teams. He has also mentored several new ports committers
over the years.

In his role as portmgr secretary, Thomas will help portmgr keep track of
ongoing issues, keeps the portmgr, and other bookkeeping work like
organizing votes and stay in touch with other FreeBSD teams.

Please welcome him onboard!


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